Sunday, July 05, 2009

Solo Show at The Together gallery

Thanks everyone for coming to the show!!! A special thanks to the Together Gallery, Cars and Trains for playing a rad set, and a very special thanks to Matt Stangel at the Portland Mercury for the review...this is what he wrote:

"In five days, local artist Tom Keating will be moving to NYC. As many folks are used to seeing his work in coffee shops and galleries around town— Backspace, Report, and others— Keating will be missed. His illustrations often incorporate newsprint and always depict unique interpretations of the human anatomy. His characters hands are stumpy, their heads squared, and their noses like a boxer's, in contorted angles and smashed triangles.

I'm particularly bummed that Keating is leaving town because he's an artist I've been keeping in the Rolodex for a while now, watching from the sidelines as his style has developed into something truly distinct. Lately his characters have been painted with multiple sets of eyes— an extension of Keating's tendency to give his figures distorted features. His work represents an aesthetic-in-progress— it changes in subtle, traceable ways; it keeps you coming back."

I'll be back for a visit in the spring.